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Dr. Matthias Brunner, Drug Regulatory Affairs Consultant


Projects in 2018

Papua Hornbill Papua Hornbill Dr. Matthias Brunner, DRA Consultant, Heidelberg, supports the Heidelberg Zoo by sponsorship of two animals. Armadillo Armadillo
Papua Hornbill Papua Hornbill Papua Hornbill
Armadillo Armadillo Armadillo

Our Non-Profit and Sponsorship Activities up to Today

Dr. Matthias Brunner, DRA Consultant supports and funds professional staff training projects and special team building activities at Freie Schule LernZeitRäume. Team

Our Non-Profit Activities 2014

FS-LZR Logo Dr. Matthias Brunner, DRA Consultant, Heidelberg, is a supporting partner of a local independent school: the Freie Schule LernZeitRäume. His charitable funding support is key in assuring high educational standards and also facilitates the realisation of special educational projects.
In assocation with the Freie Schule LernZeitRäume, we support a Women's Rowing Eight competing in the German Federal League. The team are trained and prepared for the upcoming competitions at Heidelberg Rowing Club by Matthias Dimanski. RuderAchter

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